• Christy Shelton

Why You Should Consider Giving the Gift of Travel

Have you been searching for the perfect present — one where you won’t have to know the exact size of the recipient or whether or not they already have the item?

Then consider giving the gift of travel. It’s a truly unique present that is likely to enrich the recipient’s life in ways that most material gifts cannot.


While the gift of travel is right for just about anyone, it is especially perfect for:

Millennials This generation tends to be more experience-oriented. In fact, a Harris group study showed that 72 percent of Millennials preferred spending money on experiences than material things. So it only makes sense that a Millennial would prefer the gift of travel over a sweater or some other tangible item.

Senior Citizens Most seniors don’t want more “things.” They already have closets filled with ties and scarves, and their shelves are already laden with knick knacks that they’ve accumulated over the years.

In fact, many seniors are either downsizing or have already downsized into smaller abodes so they can spend more time doing things they enjoy. Without any responsibilities to tie them down giving the gift of travel has never been easier! They can go as long as they want and as far as they want!

Families If you’re a parent, consider investing your money into a vacation gift for your family instead of purchasing expensive toys that will be played with a few times and promptly forgotten. The memories that you and your children create during a trip will be remembered for years to come, possibly even their entire lifetime.


Although there are a number of different ways you could give the gift of travel, one of the best ideas is to purchase a cruise. Why?

The price of a cruise covers practically everything — food, lodging and entertainment. This means that the recipient of your gift won’t have to worry about having to come up with the money for their meals like they would if you were to just purchase them a stay in a hotel.A cruise offers something for just about everyone. Ships offer a variety of entertainment, including shows, casinos and recreational options that range from rock climbing walls to onboard water parks to cooking demonstrations — depending on the ship you choose.Cruise ships give the recipient the chance to visit multiple destinations without having to worry about how they’re going to get from one place to another. Even better? Your recipient will only have to unpack once.

If you’re not sure what cruise line or destinations to choose, consult with a travel agent who specializes in cruises. They can help steer you to a cruise that will be suitable to your gift recipient’s traveling style and personality.


Love the idea of giving the gift of travel, but not sure if you can pay for it on your own? No problem. There are several ways you could fund a travel gift, including:

Ask others to join in with you. For example, if you’re thinking of buying a cruise for your parents, ask your siblings if they’d like to contribute. There’s a good chance they’ll be happy to chip in and knock off another present off their own list.Pool your money. As mentioned earlier, you can pool all of your money towards the gift of travel rather than purchasing individual presents for each family member.Travel gift registries. Some people, especially engaged couples, will set up travel gift registries or honeymoon funds that you can contribute towards. But these registries aren’t just for engaged couples. Sites, such as Plumfund and Fundmytravel, allow adventurers and travelers to set up funds so that friends and family can donate towards their dream trips.

And, finally, another reason why giving the gift of travel is better than a material present? According to The Atlantic, studies have shown that “experiences bring more happiness than do possessions.”

And who wouldn’t want to give a present that will bring more happiness to someone’s life?

Need some help with the planning? That’s our specialty!

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